Hawker Hurricane Replica


 Aircraft Hawker Hurricane Replica
Category 1 Fixed-Wing ML / LSA Manufacturers
Description New to our directory in 2011 is this young precision metalworking company from Sicily, Italy. The Hawker Replica is the result of collaboration between the companies Flying Legend and Squadron Leader. Flying Legend first presented the war bird-replica during Aero 2011 and started production at beginning 2012. The beautiful replica of Hawker Hurricane is manufactured in 7.2/10 scale and will be offered first in kit form and later (on request) ready to fly. The power plant options: Rotax 912S, Rotax 914, Fiat Fire 1,6L auto conversion with 130HP.
Price (excl. VAT) 107980 €
Kit Price (excl. VAT) 51245 €
Empty weight (EW, kg): 364
Wing span (WS, m): 8.20
Wing area (WA, m²): 11.0
Tank capacity (TC, litre): 82
Engine (Eng): Rotax 912ULS
Power (hp): 100
Max take-off wt (MTOW, kg): 595
Number of seats (St): 2
Maximum speed (Vmax, km/h): 240
Cruise speed (Vc, km/h): 210
Stall speed (Vs0, km/h): 64
Climb rate (Vz, m/s): 6
Fuel consumption (FC, l/h): -
Class: US-LSA
Certification (Cert): -

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