Flying Legend was established in 2010 thanks of two entrepreneurs who decided to invest in a dream : building aluminum aircraft. Aircraft which should not be anything similar of what was already in the aviation market , but unique! Having this in mind, the first line of a special aircraft was draw on a white sheet:  the replica of the Brazilian military warbird is born, the Tucano-R! Just a tiny more little, but with the same impact of the original one! So with the help of a team of engineers and with specialized operators our journey began.

The first Tucano was build inside the Barum Group premises, which is specialized in stainless steel. The business, owned by the two entrepreneurs Franco Rummolino e Giacomo Bandiera, is committed today in the petrolchimic industry.

After several months of hard job the first Tucano was completed  in 2011 and was presented as first prototype in Friedrichshafen  in April of the same year while its first take off  was in July. The first version was a +4.4 -2.2 G, with a MTOW of 600 kg, with 100 hp of a Rotax 912.

Being the cowling quite narrow and in order to maintain the original look , the Rotax was for Flying legend the only option to not compromise the original look of the Tucano. However the need of  a more powerful engine remained to enhance the aircraft performance. And this is why we came out with the idea to apply to the engine a mechanical compressor which generated 140 hp!

Thinking ahead to the American market, in 2014 the company developed the Tucano-LSA with fixed landing gear and fixed prop and for the first time we introduced a wider cowling for those customers who despite losing a bit the original look of the Tucano, wish to use a different type of engine.

In 2015 the company has decided to upgrade the Tucano to a +6.6 G, with a MTOW of 650kg. A new wing structure has been developed and the load test has been performed following the CS-VLA criteria breaking at 11 G. We were speechless, but enthusiastic!!

Of course our job is not finished yet, we are already working in new projects but this is another story, but we will keep you informed.


Flying Legend Team

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Foto del Capannone

Foto della pista

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