Technical Specs


The experimental replica of the Tucano with retractable landing gear and variable pitch is the right choice of aircraft for all these pilots who have always dreamed to fly a war bird and feel like a military fighter.

Thanks to its heavy-duty structure and the new wing design, it flies very stable and allows to perform basic acrobatic maneuvers in safe conditions.


Aircraft Dimension
Aircraft length 23,29 ft
Wing Span 27,59 ft
Cabin Height 3,12 ft
Cabin Width 2,36 ft
Max Seating capacity 2
Fuel Tank capacity 2x 15,85 US gal
Extra fuel capacity 13 gal


Design Weight & Loading
Maximum take off Weight
1433 lb with a load factor of +6-3 G
Maximum take off Weight
1653 lb with a load factor of +4 -2 G
Empty Weight
925 lb
Baggage allowance with 1 pilot
154 lb
Baggage allowance with 2 pilot


Power Plant & Performance
Power Unit Rate of Climb Max Cruise Speed Stall Average Consumption Range VNE
Rotax 912 (100hp) 1000 ft/min 120 kts 40 kts 4,7 US gal/hr 648 NM 178 kts
Rotax 914 (115hp) 1200 ft/min 125 kts 40 kts 5,8 US gal/hr 594 NM 178 kts
Rotax 912+ m.c. * 1600ft/min 135 kts 45 kts 7,1 gal/hr 540 NM 178 kts

* Rotax 912 with mechanical compressor and a Three-blade v.p. propeller



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