Quick Build Kit

Estimated work time: approximately 200/250 hrs


Each kit provided by Flying Legend includes the fuselage kit, the wing kit, the empennage kit, the flight control kit, the fixed landing gear kit, the aluminium tank kit and the canopy kit. Each kit includes also all the hardware parts (bolts, nuts, rivets and so on) required to assembly the aircarft.   A amateur builder requires approximately 200/250 hrs to complete the basic kit.

The standard kit does not include the retractable gear. The retractable gear has to be selected in the option list

Entirely made in Aluminium 2024-T3/6061 -T6, the structure is calculated for a MTOW of 650,00 kg and a load factor of +6/-3G or 750,00 kg with a load factor of 4.4/-2.2G


What is included in the QBK option?

Fuselage kit

-Entirely closed –

-the floor and the pedals arrangement are already done by FL –

-standard pipe fuel system is assembled

-the amateur builder has to assembly the controls and the chosen instruments;

-the roll –bar and the additional baggage compartment are assembled;

-the internal upholstery has to be completed.



Half Wing kit

-wings are closed and the tanks are placed inside

-landing gear, either retractable or fixed, is assembled by FL team

-assembled are also the fuel return pipe;

-the pitot pipe;

-the arrangement for the electric cable;

-flight control rod, aileron and flap.

The amateur builder has to assembly only the resin tips, do the final regulation of the controls and the undercarriage.

Empennage kit

-Entirely closed;

-Hinges, conterbalance and kit trim are already assembled and prepared to be inserted in the fuselage.

The amateur builder has to assembly the resin tip and supply the trim electric motor.


Flight controls kit

-controls are supplied assembled and to final size:

-aileron controls are assembled in the wings.

The remaining controls have to be assembled by the amateur builder inside the fuselage.

Fixed Undercarriage Kit

Either fixed or retractable option  is already assembled.

The kit includes a leaf spring made of 2024-T3, with 4 supports to fix the structure, two 6″ wheels which are working with manual brakes, a front undercarriage with a 4″ wheel.

ATTENTION: At the time of the order please specify if you would like the fixed or retractable undercarriage option as the fuselage and the wings have to be structured accordingly – also the front undercarriage is suitable for our engine mount. 

Tank kit

N.2 aluminum tanks including its accessories

Caps included as they are already placed inside the wings.

Resin Kit

-cockpit cover

-bottom rudder tip

-wing cover

-stabilizer cover

-dorsal fin

Resin tip kit

-Resin Tip kit

-elevator tip

-stabilizer tip

-fin tip,

-rudder tip

-half wing tips

Canopy Kit (optional blue and grey colour)

-clear canopy

-canopy frame

-Fuel System Kit 


n.2 fuel sensors 

The items/service below are NOT included in the standard kit offer but you can add them as an option


Wheel Fairing Kit

Toe brake on pedals


Parking brake


Retractable landing gear kit

-main and nose landing gear powder coated;



-hydraulic cylinders,

-hydraulic power pack (12V);

-switches and electric components,

-wheels with hydraulic brakes,

-emergency hydraulic hand pump kit,

-hose and fittings.


Explode Safe Bladder Tanks

N.2 Bladder tanks (total capacity 25 gallons) complete with accessories to place them in the wings, caps (NEWTON), resin or aluminum covers



Cowling Resin


Clear wing tips


Canopy Assembled service



Engine mount suitable for Rotax 912/914


Engine ring (not required for Rotax 914)


Engine mounts isolators (4 pieces)

Standard seat

made of resin, not covered

Structural seat

not covered resin seat  with aluminum structure, this seat is 2,36 inch higher, therefore has to be evaluated for pilots taller than 5,9ft


Standard seat with cover

Rear brake

only manual 

Electric trim

Throttle system

Rear instrument panel


Entry step

Faux Exhaust Ducts

Spinner and backing plate 

Engine Accesory Kit

It includes

  • -fuel line Rotax engine with supercharger (it does not include the 2 electric fuel pump)
  • -oil tank supports
  • -radiator supports (it does not include the radiator)
  • -water hose supports

The image below will show you the items supplied and their installation


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