Some memories of the last show in Arizona… The Tucano-R flew from our American company in Texas, Archer City. The weather was nice and we met some very passionate pilots. Also Dan Johnson had finally a flight on our experimental warbird…. copy and paste this link to read his article and see his impressions….

Copperstate Day 3 — Going Aloft in the Flying Legend Tucano Replica Light-Kit Aircraft

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Yesterday the Tucano #1705 was delivered in South Africa to his new owner Farren.

We met Farren this year @ Oshkosh 2018 and he came to see the aircraft and also to get the chance to fly it.

We wish him all the best and hope he will enjoy the assemblage of the kit. Keep us in the loop Farren and thank you to sharing with us the unload moment!


Mr Mou taking lesson on the Tucano-R…….

Nothing can stop a passionate pilot… a 14 hrs journey from Taiwan, a windy and cloudy day for the training, couple of expresso to keep the mind concentrated and off we go… fear, excitment, fun.

Back to ground and ready to fly solo now… we wish you all the best and hope to see you soon on your white Tucano…. Many happy landing from Flying Legend…..



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